He Jumped In

Every action the Father commits is with the sole purpose of getting closer to us. He lives and breathes to connect because He is connection embodied.

On the flip side, there isn’t one action the Father has ever done to cause distance between humanity and Himself—not even one millimeter of distance.

Everything Jesus said or did, no matter how challenging it was, was to bring us closer to Himself and the Father together with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus didn’t die because the Father couldn’t connect with us anymore because of our sin, He died because we lost our ability to connect to Him. He never turned His back on the Son in the same way He never turned His back on us.

When the Father saw we couldn’t connect anymore, it anguished His heart to the such a degree that He decided to send in a rescue team. Jesus was the recon force that jumped into the dark ocean of our sin and delusion to rescue us.

God was dying to connect with us again so much so that He died to restore us to the connection he desired and designed in Eden.

It was our radio that was broken, not His. God never stopped sending out the full signal of His love towards us, we simply lost the ability to receive His signals. So even when we felt afar off and distant, the distance was only in our own minds. We were never separated from His love and favor, we simply thought we were.

I’m not minimizing our pain before Christ: perceived separation still hurts like the dickens and feels real. The good news is, the truth supersedes our own feelings and perception!

Sin separates us from God in our own minds, but sin never caused God to be repulsed by us. It caused Him to lunge in our direction with a lifesaver.

If you saw your own child drowning, would you jump in and rescue them? Or would you let them drown because they weren’t supposed to jump in the pool?

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